Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wrapping it up

As the semester finally comes to a close my senior project will be due within the week.  Tomorrow I will finish the cover and add a picture to page 11 and some last minute editing and Bombe will be over.  I am going to feature a two pictures of my full page story.  My inspiration for this story came from some of my friends and I exchanging crazy stories of things that happen to us when we tend to drink a little too much.  My friends and I have a saying before we go out "Classy not Trashy" now this rarely ends up happening which is the ironic part, so this is the name for the story.  Now if Bombe were a real magazine readers would send in stories similar to the ones my friends and I have wrote. Also, the picture featured in the story is just a funny picture I found online.  I hope you enjoy!

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